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Book Buyback

Get paid for your textbooks by selling them back online! We cover shipping, so there’s no cost to you. Get started HERE.

Remember, sellback is only for books you bought, not ones you have rented. Any rented books should be returned to the store or site you rented them from originally. The good news is you can sell back your books with us regardless of where you bought them, so begin selling!


GET CASH FOR BOOKS @ your NPC Campus Store -  


  • Book buybacks are conducted in the NPC Campus Store, First Floor, Student Commons Building.
  • Bring any unneeded textbooks to the store and we will evaluate their value.
  • Your student ID is REQUIRED for buyback

Students - Please remember to bring the parts that were purchased with the textbook, for example:

·          CD's

·          DVD's

·          Instructional Manuals

·          Study Guides

The Campus Store will attempt to buy back textbooks that are in good shape (with parts) provided NPC will be using the books for the upcoming Semesters. Remember, we buy books for resale to other students.

Good Shape is defined as:

·          Spine and cover in tact and not torn

·          No pages or parts missing

·          No water or soiled damage

A wholesale book vendor will be in charge of the Book Buyback. The Campus Store will let the vendor know what types and amounts of books the Campus Store wants to purchase for resale. The wholesale vendor will let us know if it has a wholesale value and will offer to buy it from you only if you are willing to sell the text.